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Proposed Bylaw Change -- Posted:  8 October 2021

For years, the SCW Yoga Club bylaws have limited expenditures by club officers to $200.00.  However, also for years, the Treasurer has been paying our instructors well in excess of that amount each month for monies earned teaching our classes.  This proposed change updates the Yoga Club bylaws to reflect the necessity for our Treasurer to pay our instructors while maintaining the appropriate limit on other expenditures.

The proposed bylaw change may be found here.  The full SCW Yoga Club bylaws document may be found here.

The SCW Yoga Club board recommends passing this bylaw change to align the bylaws with current necessary practice.

This posting satisfies Article VII of the SCW Yoga Club bylaws that states "Proposed amendments shall be well publicized to the membership one (1) month prior to the vote."

This proposed amendment shall be voted upon at the club's 3 December 2022 general membership meeting and luncheon.  A quorum of 10% of the membership (490 members as of 30 September 2022) is necessary to hold a vote.  Please plan on attending our December meeting.


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