Proposed Bylaw Change -- Posted:  8 October 2021

In December 2019, the Yoga Club struggled to find qualified and willing persons to fill the mandatory roles of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  The club was in danger of entering 2021 without those roles filled, which would have meant that without leadership, the SCW Yoga Club was in danger of losing its charter. The club would have ceased to exist if that happened.

The reason for this proposed bylaw change is to remove the threat of dissolution of the SCW Yoga Club as a way to get persons to volunteer for the mandatory roles.  There has to be an alternative other than the 'nuclear option' to dissolve the club due to a shortage of qualified and willing individuals.

The purpose of this bylaw is to allow the option of having the existing SCW Yoga Club officers continue in their roles beyond their current terms until such time as new individuals step forward.  The proposed change allows officers to continue in their roles as long as twelve (12) months or until such time as qualified and willing volunteer(s) come(s) forward.  This term extension will allow other club members to come forward to fill the roles and to help ensure a smooth transition to the new officers.

The proposed bylaw change may be found here.  The full SCW Yoga Club bylaws document may be found here.

The SCW Yoga Club board recommends passing this bylaw change to give the club an alternative to shutting down the club if qualified and willing volunteers are not available at the time of the officer election during our December meeting.

This posting satisfies Article VII of the SCW Yoga Club bylaws that states "Proposed amendments shall be well publicized to the membership one (1) month prior to the vote."

This proposed amendment shall be voted upon at the club's 5 December 2021 general membership meeting and luncheon.  A quorum of 10% of the membership (751 members as of 30 September 2021) is necessary to hold a vote.  Please plan on attending our December meeting.