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About Us

SCW Yoga is a Chartered Club for Sun City West Recreation Card Holders (Owner-Member, Associate, and Tenant) and their guests to participate in the Club's traditional mat yoga, chair yoga, specialized mat yoga, Pilates, and therapeutic yoga classes. 


The club was formed in 1995.  Membership has grown from a handful then to over 400 members today. 


For most of its history, the club did not have its own dedicated studio.  That changed in 2019, when Beardsley Recreation Center remodeling created a 2,800 square foot studio for the express purpose of hosting Yoga Club classes.


The Yoga Club is governed by a board of directors consisting of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and, effective in 2023, a Member-at-Large.  The board meets monthly.  Officers are elected annually and can serve no more two consecutive terms in the same office.  Special committees are formed as needed, and a bookkeeper handles receipts and disbursements. 


Experienced and dedicated instructors offer classes from beginning to advanced levels.  Studio classes are offered six days a week, and the current studio class schedule is posted on this web site (see the menu bar above).  All instructors are certified in the disciplines they teach and have extensive experience.

Contact Us

Persons interested in learning more about the club should attend a class or contact us at:


     Phone:   623-256-0746 



It's easy to join the club.  We look forward to seeing you!


Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for membership and other information.


To subscribe to the SCW Yoga Club email list, see below.

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