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Online Classes 

The Yoga Club Board is pleased to announce that several of our instructors have begun to offer online classes and are making them available to our members.

The classes are presented by the instructors, though not through the SCW Yoga Club, so you may see different types of classes at days and times other than those published in our in-studio schedule.  The instructors set their own prices and payment methods, so be sure to understand how to pay for the classes that you take.  Equipment needed for each class is fairly standard:  yoga mat, blocks, straps, blanket, and water. Optional equipment (e.g., foam roller, tennis balls, towel, etc.) will vary by class.

Payment and instructor contact information is included on the schedule.  Additionally, you can visit the instructor's individual page found on to read more about their online classes.  Contact the instructor via email with your full name and the class (day and time) you'd like to take prior to the class(es), so that you can be added to the class invitation. 

All classes utilize ZOOM meeting software, so you must have that application on your device.  In most cases, ZOOM will automatically install when you click on the class link in the invitation.  

You'll also need to set up an account on the payment system of choice for each instructor.  That process is easy and simple to complete.

The classes are not strictly for members of the SCW Yoga Club, so you'll find people from other communities near SCW, as well as other cities and states, and even internationally! 



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