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Introduction to Yoga - Tue at 1:30 pm and Thu at 9:00 am

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SCW Yoga Club
Introduction to Yoga

Introduction to Yoga is designed for individuals who want to build a solid foundation for developing their personal yoga practice. Participants are introduced to yoga concepts through the application of breath work, yoga postures (asanas), and moving gracefully from one pose to the next (flows) to increase flexibility, stamina, strength, and relaxation.


Classes engage participants in a yoga practice that flows safely and logically from a warm-up period, progressing through a series of asanas that build upon each other, leading to a pinnacle asana, followed by a progressive series of cool-down asanas, and finishing with a final rest period at the end of class.


Participants learn 

  • The fundamental asanas with options and modifications to meet their specific physical needs

  • The proper use of yoga props such as mats, blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters, etc.

  • Terminology using the asana English and Sanskrit names

  • How to overcome mental obstacles in performing asanas 


Your Instructors

Chris Cavaletto

Marci Edmunds


  • No prior yoga experience is necessary.  A willingness to develop a yoga practice and incorporate elements of yoga into your lifestyle is all that is required.

  • You must be able to comfortably get up from, and down to, the floor unassisted.

  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to stretch and bend. 

  • Bare feet or non-slip socks are acceptable for yoga practice. Shoes are not worn.

  • Equipment:

    • A yoga mat (not a Pilates mat).

    • Optionally, 1 or 2 blocks (4”x6”x9” recommended); a yoga blanket; a yoga strap.  You may find these props help your practice progress and may be acquired over time.

    • Other yoga accessories or props (e.g., knee pads, yoga socks, bolster, etc.) as you desire.

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