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In-Studio Class Schedule & Descriptions

All classes are held in the Yoga Studio at the Beardsley Recreation Center.

Be aware that admittance to all classes ends at 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.  Anyone arriving after that time will not be allowed entry into the class.  This is done as a courtesy to the monitors, the participants who arrived on time, and the instructors as they prepare for their class undisturbed.




Click the icon below for the current schedule with links to class descriptions.  You may view, download, and print the schedule and descriptions by following this link.


Click the icon below for a description of SCW Yoga Club class levels.  You may view, download, and print the descriptions by following this link.


Click the icon below for the Monitor Handbook which includes information and instructions monitors need, including sample forms. You may view, download, and print the Monitor Handbook by following this link. 

Payment for in-studio classes will be via the Club’s prepaid (aka “punch”) card.  Cash is not accepted.  Prepaid cards can be purchased before each class by personal check (no cash) to SCW Yoga Club ($50 = 10 classes or $25 = 5 classes.)  

In regard to COVID-19:

  • The HVAC system servicing the Yoga Studio exchanges studio air with outside air 17 times per hour.

  • The Club may NOT require members to a wear mask inside the Studio.

  • The Studio may NOT be sectioned off to separate those with masks and those without.  Members may choose where they want to place their mats. 

  • Club officers or Monitors may NOT ask a member if they have been vaccinated.

Therefore, masks are recommended but not required in the Yoga Studio.  Persons uncomfortable with others being maskless may wish to return to the studio at a later date.

Instructors will continue to offer online classes.  See Online Classes

 CLASS CHANGES - as of 18 February 2023

  • The Power Hour Flow class scheduled for Mondays at 8:30 AM has been removed from the schedule due to the resignation of the instructor.

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