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In-Studio Class Schedule & Descriptions

All classes are held in the Yoga Studio at the Beardsley Recreation Center.

Admittance to all classes ends 5 minutes before the scheduled start time to allow the monitor time to finalize paperwork.  Anyone arriving after that will not be allowed entry into the class.  Payment for in-studio classes will be via the Club’s prepaid card.  Cash is not accepted.  Prepaid cards can be purchased before each class by check to SCW Yoga Club ($50 = 10 classes or $25 = 5 classes.)


Classes cannot be held without monitors. Monitors handle check-in, sales of prepaid cards and memberships, and answer questions. To sign up to monitor a class, write your name on the monitor calendar for the class.

The Monitor Handbook has instructions for monitors and sample forms.

In regard to COVID-19:

  • The HVAC system servicing the Yoga Studio exchanges studio air with outside air 17 times per hour.

  • The Club may NOT require members to a wear mask inside the Studio.

  • The Studio may NOT be sectioned off to separate those with masks and those without. 

  • Club officers or Monitors may NOT ask a member if they have been vaccinated.


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